19 November 2010

Childrens World

A nursery school in Corfu asked me if I could prepare a poster for an incoming charity bazaar. 
This is what I made for them!

30 October 2010

The siamese twins...

...spent most of their time looking at each other.
This is for IF's topic: spent

27 September 2010

23 September 2010

17 September 2010


...ah honey honey
You are my candy girl
And you've got me wanting you.
This is my latest illustration: a candy girl!
This is an older post but I think it fits IF's topic (SAVOUR).

1 September 2010

My friend Irine...

... is one of the most talented people I've ever met! She is a graphic designer, painter, illustrator, decorator and singer. She recently created her own line of handmade soaps and bath salts. This is a sample of her work...

...some bath salts and soaps...
and some paintings...

You can contact Irine here or see more of her work here.

1 August 2010

Orange hair colour

Why do we call them red-haired girls? The real colour is orange :-p
Have a nice month!

22 July 2010

A pop poster... double for IF

This is a poster I've worked on, using traditional and digital media (magazine
photos, pen, scanner, photoshop and illustrator). I uploaded on Thursday, but I think
it fits this weeks topic for IF.

17 July 2010

Art jumble

Last week I joined Art Jumble which is an online drawing community that supports illustration, comics, and animation. Each Monday a topic is announced and any member can submit a piece about that topic. This is my submission for this week's topic (self portraits).

28 May 2010

A little something I'm working on

I saw a picture of Iris Apfel that inspired me to work on this illustration!
I will have it complited and uploaded by tomorrow!

14 April 2010

I love patterns

Last night I worked on my blog's logo with some tear shaped forms, and those forms give some really nice patterns. So I could not resist on experimenting. Take a look at some.

Visit my Behance page for some more patters

12 April 2010

Feed your creativity!

This Friday I bought a really inspirational book called "An Illustrated Life" by Danny Gregory! The book is a collection of illustrated journals from some of the world's best illustrators and artists. Although it was first published in 2008 it still is a great book for illustrators, designers and people who love art! Here is a sneak peek!

If you want to feed your creativity you can find this book from Amazon! Enjoy!

22 March 2010

Vintage textiles

Here are some 60s patterns from some old forgotten textiles I found in a closet! I want to copy the patters in vektors and try some more colour combinations.

Handmade puppets!

This is a couple of puppets (a cat & a doggy) I made and stuffed with soft fabric for my son!
You can find similar handmade toys to buy on etsy!

6 January 2010

2 January 2010


A weekly 16pages magazine that I've designed, about gossip and media inserted in Eleytheros Typos newspaper.


Eleutheros tipos newspaper was voted as the Best European Designed Newspaper for 2008-2009 and one of the five Best Designed Newspapers for 2009 from the SND(Society of News Design). I was part of the newspaper's creative team for 18 months, until ET was closed (as a lot of historical newspapers the past year).
For more about Eleutheros tipos newspaper read here
Here are some more illustrations & editorials