7 December 2011

How nice is that?

Yesterday it was my 2year old son's Nikolas name day. Among the presents friends and family brought, 
was this lovely illustrated package with childrens clothes from Dupareil au meme
Nikolas and I made a deal...he will keep the clothes and I will keep the box! 
I wonder who the illustrator is! Do you know?

28 November 2011

Round(ed) ...

...for IF
I love Matryoshka dolls and their rounded shape! A typical set contains three to twelve dolls and they are symbols of fertility and motherhood! This illustration is from a new project i am working.

16 November 2011

Silent (or get well soon)!

This illustration was originally made for a "get well soon" card! 
The girl has a thermometer in her mouth and can not speak,so I think it fits this weeks topic "silent" for IF.

14 November 2011

My Moo...

...mini cards are here! Yeah! I love 'em! 
I think Moo is the easiest way to have your cards ready, delivered to your door and you can have up to 100 different designs in each pack (I've created 10 for my mini cards). Thumps up for Moo!

24 October 2011

Second Time Mommy

3 weeks ago (on October 5th)  I became a mom for a second time :)
I gave birth to a lovely baby boy.

29 September 2011

27 September 2011

I have a new book...

... sitting on my desk! 
I love buying books, especially illustration books as I constantly refer to them for inspiration! Today I received this lovely book I've ordered a couple of weeks ago! Work/Life 2 by UPPERCASE features 100 professional illustrators from around the world. It's an eye candy and a must have for art lovers :)
Visit the UPPERCASE shop here!

24 September 2011

From my sketchbook!

Here are some new (favorite) drawings from my sketchbook. I really have no idea how they going to turn out - usually I find out after I color them... :)
The last one is a tee's stamp for my husband (he is a bike lover)!
Oh! this post is also my submission for ArtJumble's topic of the week!

21 September 2011

Lovely useful books to read...

Lately I've been thinking of starting my own business! I've been working as graphic designer for almost a decade, and also I've been doing illustrations for the magazines, newspapers or small clients I has working for. But as much as I enjoy my work I always looking for my next illustration project, no matter how large or small the project is. Plus, I became a mom and really need more time for my family and maybe working from home can offer me that...I hope!!! So this is why I am thinking maybe it's time to focus on illustration and start my own (small) freelance business. These 2 books really are full of useful and helpful tips if becoming a freelancer is what you have in mind!
Check them out:

18 September 2011

2 September 2011

Society 6

Yesterday I've joined Society 6, an online marketplace were you can buy art created by artists from all over the world or sell your artwork as simple as making a Post! Here are some framed prints of my illustrations! You can find them here!

30 August 2011

Galore Festival (Copenhagen)

A couple of weeks ago my friend Kostas aka Dreyk The Pirate, participated in the Galore Festival in Copenhagen, representing Greece. Here are some pics!

The art wall...

Dreyk the pirate

Work in progress!

You can see more photos here!

29 August 2011

disguise for IF

Girl with big glasses

Updated! March 14 2013
This is (also) my submission for IF's topic "eye glasses"

My Girl with big glasses illustration is now printed on different textile products, and sold via my envelop shop. Visit my shop and check out more of my designs! Thanks for looking :))))

22 August 2011

Loved this project...

This August I had a hand drawn typography opener for In Style magazine (GR). 
I really enjoyed working on this project! It was so much fun - wish I had more like that!

23 June 2011


My friend Evi asked me if I could prepare an invitation and a paper table mat for her little daughter's baptism using a photo of the baby. I wanted the invitation to look like it was hand drawn and hand painted. So I made an illustration on paper and used adobe's photoshop for the color. Here is the original illustration and the final result...

26 May 2011


This week's topic for IF is "soaked". I really wanted to post something for If-it's been quite long since my last submission! So I made a few changes to an older illustration (the colored one) of mine and here is my "soaked" contribution to IF's topic.

25 May 2011


This is an illustration (or a portrait) of a friend of mine, Danae. 
The sketch is old -was made almost a year ago- but I've started painting 
it, a couple of days ago! Although the illustrated girl looks kind of sad, 
Danae is a really cool person to hang out with. You can check out her blog if you don't believe me!

24 May 2011

A "what to draw list" from pikaland

Amy from Pikaland posted this super cool-fun list of 100 things to draw when inspiration is not around! You can download the pdf file here! Happy drawings everyone!!!

26 April 2011


I really love Vintage & Retro typography as well as the 50's colour palette! 
So when my husband and I desided that it was time to  go on with our son's 
Baptism & Christening, I knew exactly how the e-invitation -for our family 
and really close friends- would look like! It looked like this...

28 January 2011

My happy little monster...

Inspired from my son Nikolas!
It is not completed yet, still needs a lot of work, but I think it's really cute!