29 September 2011

27 September 2011

I have a new book...

... sitting on my desk! 
I love buying books, especially illustration books as I constantly refer to them for inspiration! Today I received this lovely book I've ordered a couple of weeks ago! Work/Life 2 by UPPERCASE features 100 professional illustrators from around the world. It's an eye candy and a must have for art lovers :)
Visit the UPPERCASE shop here!

24 September 2011

From my sketchbook!

Here are some new (favorite) drawings from my sketchbook. I really have no idea how they going to turn out - usually I find out after I color them... :)
The last one is a tee's stamp for my husband (he is a bike lover)!
Oh! this post is also my submission for ArtJumble's topic of the week!

21 September 2011

Lovely useful books to read...

Lately I've been thinking of starting my own business! I've been working as graphic designer for almost a decade, and also I've been doing illustrations for the magazines, newspapers or small clients I has working for. But as much as I enjoy my work I always looking for my next illustration project, no matter how large or small the project is. Plus, I became a mom and really need more time for my family and maybe working from home can offer me that...I hope!!! So this is why I am thinking maybe it's time to focus on illustration and start my own (small) freelance business. These 2 books really are full of useful and helpful tips if becoming a freelancer is what you have in mind!
Check them out:

18 September 2011

2 September 2011

Society 6

Yesterday I've joined Society 6, an online marketplace were you can buy art created by artists from all over the world or sell your artwork as simple as making a Post! Here are some framed prints of my illustrations! You can find them here!