14 November 2011

My Moo...

...mini cards are here! Yeah! I love 'em! 
I think Moo is the easiest way to have your cards ready, delivered to your door and you can have up to 100 different designs in each pack (I've created 10 for my mini cards). Thumps up for Moo!


  1. Hello! I think your illustration have a very personal cute style, I like them! And the design of your Moo cards is really pretty! I also got the mini ones for me when I first ordered business cards from Moo and I think they're very original and creative, good choice! :)

    Isabel x

    "I" is for Isabel

  2. Your Moo cards look really nice! The font/handwriting is great. I love your style--it is sophisticated and cute at the same time!