26 May 2011


This week's topic for IF is "soaked". I really wanted to post something for If-it's been quite long since my last submission! So I made a few changes to an older illustration (the colored one) of mine and here is my "soaked" contribution to IF's topic.

25 May 2011


This is an illustration (or a portrait) of a friend of mine, Danae. 
The sketch is old -was made almost a year ago- but I've started painting 
it, a couple of days ago! Although the illustrated girl looks kind of sad, 
Danae is a really cool person to hang out with. You can check out her blog if you don't believe me!

24 May 2011

A "what to draw list" from pikaland

Amy from Pikaland posted this super cool-fun list of 100 things to draw when inspiration is not around! You can download the pdf file here! Happy drawings everyone!!!