28 November 2011

Round(ed) ...

...for IF
I love Matryoshka dolls and their rounded shape! A typical set contains three to twelve dolls and they are symbols of fertility and motherhood! This illustration is from a new project i am working.

16 November 2011

Silent (or get well soon)!

This illustration was originally made for a "get well soon" card! 
The girl has a thermometer in her mouth and can not speak,so I think it fits this weeks topic "silent" for IF.

14 November 2011

My Moo...

...mini cards are here! Yeah! I love 'em! 
I think Moo is the easiest way to have your cards ready, delivered to your door and you can have up to 100 different designs in each pack (I've created 10 for my mini cards). Thumps up for Moo!