27 December 2012

Jupiter magazine

Last week one of my behance projects, Jupiter magazine was featured on Editorial Design Served!!! 
Jupiter magazine, designed in 2008, was an astrological magazine, supplement  to Eleutheros Tipos newspaper.
It' is really unnecessary to say how proud and happy this made me feel!!! ^___^
You can check out my behance page here, and Jupiter magazine by clicking here!

8 December 2012

If: explore

It has been a while since my last submission for Illustration Friday!!!
And  Its been a while since my last post...so here is a recent (fashion) illustration!
She has a back bag over her shoulders, so she is ready to explore the world! ^__^

16 November 2012

Fashion illustrations...

Here is a project I really enjoyed working on! 
These illustrations were made for a new super cool fashion blog called Model Approved.
Check it out!

26 September 2012

Women's hobbies & activities for imagezoo

This is what I've been working on for the last couple months!!!
A series of illustrations on women hobbies & activities for Vancouver-based stock illustration boutique, Image Zoo. You can check my ImageZoo Artist page for more stock illustrations. Enjoy!

17 August 2012

D.I.Y. bracelets

When it comes to bracelets the rule is simple: The more, the better!
I found these videos by Evelina Barry showing how you can make your own pretty bracelets in such an easy way! 
Have you made your own bracelets yet? 
I would love to see your creations and make a new post with your diy bracelets images!!!  

14 August 2012

Lilly's Papillon

I'm always very happy when someone is promoting my work! 
Last week my icons illustrations were featured on this beautiful blog!
Thank you Marilou! :)))


Marilou of Lilly's Papillon is the artist behind these beautiful wonderful handmade butterflies brooches!  
Visit her blog  for ideas, D.I.Y. tutorials or just a huge dose of inspiration!

6 August 2012

My imagezoo page

I'm now featured on imagezoo's new artists page! Yeah!
Visit my page and check out my series of teachers illustrations, my Matryoshkas and some of my girls fashion illustrations.

5 August 2012

Beautiful messy hair tutorials

Probably you have already seen these gorgeous images before!
But in case you haven't, check out Caroline Ventura‘s series of manageable hair tutorials for Cup of Jo.
(info and images via http://honestlywtf.com)

17 July 2012


I'm very happy and thrilled about this! My work is now featured on imagezoo!
Imagezoo is a Vancouver-based, boutique stock illustration company that works with close to 400 talented artists worldwide. You can have a look and purchase some of my work by clicking here !

1 July 2012

And let the wind blow...

Don't you just love a nice breeze on a hot summer day? Well, today is that kind of day! 
Hearing the sea waves...feels so refreshing...

This is my illustration for the new and refreshed Illustration Friday!
Have a nice month :)))

16 June 2012


I know  I haven't posted anything lately! I have been working on some really exciting new illustrations at the moment- I will let you have a sneak peek sometime very soon :))) I also did this illustration for my Society6 store! Hope you like it!

22 May 2012


Two new illustrations for my society6 shop available for art prints, stationery cards and iphone cases. 
You can find them here!

27 April 2012

Corfu / Kerkyra. What a beauty!

A week has passed since we came back from Corfu. Most members of my family live there and this is also the place where I was born and grew up. Kerkyra (Corfu) is a place full of inspiration. Beautiful old buildings, amazing food, blue sea and beaches to fall in love! A place full of eye candy! And these are only a few reasons why I miss her...
Kerkyra! What a beauty...
***images via Faddoush's photostream ***

23 March 2012

On his lines

Nikolas, my 2years old son is discovering his Creative Self! He is drawing with his crayons and colored pencils and my watercolors almost everywhere in the house (tables, chairs, the sofa, the floor...). A lots of times he even draws on my drawings. So I thought it would be really interesting and fun to follow his steps and draw something ...not on the floor but on his drawings.  

7 March 2012

5 March 2012


Three illustrated portraits of the super inspiring ladies and fashion icons, 
Iris Apfel, Coco Chanel and Frida Kahlo! 

14 February 2012

Children's activity and coloring books

When we were kids (my sister and I), our mom used to buy us activity and coloring books. 
I can still remember how happy I was every time I had a new book in my hands! I even remember 
some of the images that I've colored... 
Here are some really amazing activity and coloring books for your kids (or you)! 

Lots of Things to Find and Colour by Fiona Watt 
Stella Baggott 

Anorak magazine (toys issue), Anorak activity book 2, 
Happy Music by Adam Higton, Happy Words by Simon Wild

10 February 2012

Just yesterday...

...I heard about it! A pillow from my envelop shop was featured in the greek edition of Lucky Magazine, almost a year ago! It is always good to get good news even if they are old. My friend Stelios was kind enough to email me the page-thank you Stelio! And thank you Liza for promoting me and my work! 

16 January 2012

You have to...

check this blog out!
If you are a mom, craft lover, art lover or just need some inspiration!

10 January 2012

A dose of optimism...

...is the title for +Design Magazine's poster contest. Every designer or artist should create a 50x70 cm poster, spreading the world a positive message. 40 posters will be chosen for an exhibition which will take place on January the 20th. Τhe money for every poster sold will be donated hereWhat a nice way to start the new year! You can see all the submissions here.

Family, Love, Smile, Falling in love, Friendship, Laughter
The best things in life are free!
My contribution to the contest.