17 August 2013

10 August 2013


Design 4 Paws is a (brand new) design studio who really-really loves our four legged furry friends and wants to contribute to their well being. My friend, Nathalie Koukouli, (a cat person, indeed) is the owner and Head Designer of the studio!  I have to mention that all the designs and accessories are handmade with love and care with specially selected components. And of course you can also find some wonderful gifts for yourself!

5 August 2013

çizgili masallar / striped fairy tales / rige paramithia

Do yo love Children's Book Illustration?
Do you love Fairy Tales and Folk Tales?
If you do you will LOVE this amazing blog!
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These are only some of the wonderful images you will find in this blog:

rainy day by James Davies

Swedish Folk Tales by John Bauer

By Anna Kapustenko