12 September 2013

What to draw... (second part)

There are times that your mind is full of ideas and images. 
Even more there are times that seeing some pictures makes you think "
Oh, drawing something like that would be really cool!"
Well, at times like that drawing seems like so easy to do! 
But what happens when your mind is empty like the Nutella jar in my kitchen's shelves.... 
and you keep wondering and wondering what to draw! 

Maybe you can have a look at this instant inspiration board that I've created 
on pinterest and see some images that may unlock your creativity! 
I've created the board a couple of days ago so I will be adding more images, soon.

Hope you will find this board really useful and ad it to your bookmarks! ^_^

p.s. Of course you can always check this list from Pikaland!

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