25 October 2013

Meow and his cat!

This one is from a series of illustrations that I have just started working on!
For now, this lovely young man can be found here!!!

20 October 2013

My shutterstock portfolio

A few months ago I realized that I had a really good number of personal illustrations 
(like the one in this post) as well as some old or rejected images that I was not using any more. 
So I made this portfolio to bring these images back into the light! 
I think having your work available for sale on microstock sites (like shutterstock, fotolia etc) 
is a good idea, in spite of the fact that these sites don't pay as much as I think they should.
You still get to expose your work to (more) potential customers, motivates you to practice 
more (so you can upload more images), show you unique art style, and maybe, if you 
are lucky (like Alex MathersGoogle will hire you!!!

14 October 2013

My book! A sneak peek!

I know I've told you before but I have to say it once more!
My book is officially released! ^_^
A children's coloring and activity book!
56 pages, 24 letters (the greek alphabet), over 60 illustrations!!!
Price: € 2,70 (USD 3.67). You can find it here!